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The Importance of Home Maintenance from Top to Bottom

July 11, 2017

A new home doesn’t stay new for long, especially if it is not maintained regularly. Home maintenance is an important aspect of being a property owner, as it will help to protect your investment throughout the year as weather changes. In fact, the importance of home maintenance from top to bottom can’t be overstated, especially before winter season arrives, as doing so will make sure your home will last longer and need fewer repairs. Also, when a home is regularly maintained, it looks better, and that matters a lot when entertaining guests.

To help give property owners some ideas of the types of home maintenance that can and should be done, here are a few helpful tips:

Keep your gutters clean – it’s hard to determine if your gutter and downpipe need cleaning when you are standing on the ground looking up at them. That is why gutter inspection is recommended because it usually isn’t until a gutter gets clogged until the need to have it cleaned becomes apparent.

Hiring a professional to inspect and clean your gutter and downpipe is highly recommended, as they have the experience, training and equipment to get the job done safely, and, they can inspect your roof for any damage at the same time.

Gaps in window and door framing – as time passes, it is not uncommon for cracks or gaps to appear in door and window frames. If not sealed properly, this can leave an open entry for pests to enter your home. Simple repairs can remedy this, as typically resealing or tightening of timber is all that is typically needed.

Peeling house paint – it is not uncommon that new track homes have low quality house paint, and paint may begin to peel much sooner than expected. When paint peels it exposes walls to moisture and the elements, and, it is not very appealing to look at either, aesthetically. Repainting a home can not only ensure that walls are properly protected against the elements, but it can change the appearance of the whole house, making it look new again.

Maintain the health of decking and flooring – decks, wood flooring and carpets get dirty, and keeping these well maintained makes sure that built up dirt, grime, and debris doesn’t damage them. Waxing and buffing wood flooring, and deep carpet cleaning on a regular basis, will make sure that they look their best and last longer too.

If you would like some help to keep your home well maintained, from top to bottom, Straight Up Building & Maintenance can help, we are only a phone call away.

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